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Tube 5075 Denise Worisch
Tutorial watermak

Plugins: Ulead Effects, Filter Factory L/Perspecular,
Xero/Clarity, Flaming Pear/Flood
PSP Effects.

Made with PSP X2 Version

Made with PSP X2 Version

Drag the arrow as a guide through the tutorial.

Let's begin

1. Open a new transparent image 800 x 450 px and fill with a gradient made with #292021 and #845d29

style linear, angle and repeats 0

2. Duplicate the layer

3.  Effects / plugins / Ulead Effects / Particle / Bubbles

as shown in screenshot (Wrap checked)

4. Change blend mode of this layer to Screen

5. Effects / plugins / Xero / Clarity

as shown in screenshot:

6. Layer / New Raster Layer

Fill with the same gradient used in step 1.

7. Effects / Plugins / Filter Factory Gallery L / Perspecular,

as shown in screenshot


8. Effects / Artistic Effects / Chrome - Colour #927d54

9. Adjust/Brightness and Contrast/Brightness and Contrast -41/0

10. Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow 30/14/74/42 colour #000000

11. Repeat Drop Shadow and change the blend mode of the layer to Luminance Legacy

12. Open tube 5075 DW, copy and paste as new layer.

13. Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow -16/14/74/35 colour #31251b

Repeat Drop Shadow

14. Plugin Flaming Pear/Flood Colour #443724

15. Adjust/Sharpness/ High Pass Sharpen

16. Image/Add Borders/Symmetric/1 Px. Colour #e2d6ae

17. Image/Add Borders/ Symmetric/ 30Px. colour #ffffff and select with magic wand

Repeat step 3.

18. Repeat step 16

19. Put your watermark, Tutorial watermark. Merge all. Export as JEPG



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