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Drag the arrow as a guide throught the tutorial


1. Open a new transparent image 700 x 450 px, fill with a gradient made with #474241 and #e9dac8, style linear, angle 0 and repeats 0, invert checked.
Rename as Layer 1

2. Duplicate this layer, rename as Layer 2 and apply Plugin L en K's Paris, as shown in screenshot:

3. Duplicate layer and rename Layer 3. Apply Plugin Transparency / Eliminate Black.
4. Activate Layer 2 and apply Effects / Geometric Effects / Perspective Vertical, 100 - Transparent.
5. Effects/Distortion Effects/Polar Coordinates/Rectangular To Polar/Warp.
6. Apply Plugin Sybia / Sectormo in Layer 1 as shown in screenshot:

7. Copy and paste your tube between layers 2 and 3.
Add borders if you like.

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