Tube calguismistedbirdbeach09082014
Tube 2137- woman-LB TUBES
Selection: sel3906_aliciar (Save to the folder Selections)
Preset Atardecer of the Plugin Eye Candy 5/Impact/Extrude (Give double click to import)
Watermark tutorialespspaliciar



Plugin MuRa's Meister/Cloud
Plugin Alien Skin/Eye Candy 5:Impact/Extrude

Made in Corel X7but can be done in other versions.

If you use other colors, you can change the blend mode of the layers

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1. Open a new transparent image 900 x 550 Px.

2. Flood fill with color #244f88.

3. Plugin MuRa's Meister/Cloud

4. Adjust/One Step/Photo Fix.

5. New Raster Layer. Selections/Select All. Copy and paste calguismistedbirdbeach09082014 tube into selection.
Selections/Select None. Set the Blend Mode to Hard Light.

6. Adjust/One Step/Photo Fix.

7. New Raster Layer. Selections/Load/ Save Selection/Load Selection from Disk/Load sel3906_aliciar.
Flood fill the selección with the color #243a64 . Selections/Select None.

8. Plugin Alien Skin/Eye Candy 5:Impact/Extrude/User Settings/Preset Atardecer.

9. Image/Resize 80%.

10. Effects/Image Effects/Offset

11. Duplicate the layer. Image/Mirror/Mirror Horizontal.

12. Layers/Merge/Merge Down

13. Activate Raster 2. Copy and paste as new layer 2137- woman-LB TUBES tube.
Resize 90%.

14. Image/Add Borders/Symmetric/ 30 Px. color #ffffff.

15. Sign, placing the watermark tutorialespspaliciar, merge all and export as JPG.



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